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Bar / klub

(E-POS / Online booking / E-Waiter / E-Manager)

Free up time for service. Get significantly better conditions for making additional sales. Let guests order tables, drinks and snacks without having to wait in line.
More exclusive, more luxurious

Have a table ready with drinks and snacks as soon as the guests arrive. Allow for quick ad hoc ordering that does not involve queuing or requiring guests to leave the table to pick up new supplies.

Let hard performance data guide you

Now you can let your decisions be guided by solid data. With E-Manager, it is very easy to gain insight into turnover, the performance of employees or your place as such. Analyze performance on the different parameters. Base your decisions on the facts.

Push offers ad hoc in the evening

Provide free draft beer or a bottle of liquor when the company’s bill hits a certain amount. Create happy hours or start the party at the individual table through tailor-made offers that flash from the party’s E-Waiter ordering tablet.

Discounts and Loyalty Creation Activities

Give a discount to people arriving early in the evening, attract guests and create additional sales at the bar through coupons, gift and membership card offers. The E-Manager also makes it easy to reach your target audience before they enter your club and to collect their positive reviews after having left for the night.

With more than 25 features to streamline workflows in your restaurant / café / bar / club, you welcome the future with Nordic Intelligent Catering. Contact us and learn which units your place(s) will benefit from and what it will cost you per month.