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Restauranter / Caféer

(E-POS / E-Waiter / Online Booking / E-Manager)

More time, fewer mistakes, better conditions for service and additional sales.
Welcome to the new era

With Nordic Intelligent Catering, manual tasks becomes easier to lift. This means that you release time for service in the restaurant and for creativity in the kitchen. At the same time, you create additional sales by making it super easy to make extra orders while the customers enjoy themselves at your tables.

Better control of the tables

The dinner party orders through E-Waiter, the electronic menu card. Orders and prices are summed up with one click on your E-POS cash register. With a few additional clicks the waiter gets a complete overview of the size of the dinner party, the period of time in which they have booked the table and what the party has ordered all through their visit.

Easier ordering = more sales

When a guest wants a supplement to an order – say, another glass of wine – the customer does not have to catch the waiter's attention and wait for the waiter to come over. You will simply use the E-Waiter and order what is needed within five seconds - and then re-indulge in the pleasant conversations around the table.

Smarter workflows

With Nordic Intelligent Catering, you no longer have to take care of the reception of orders or of table bookings etc. E-waiter will receive the order. It will sent it to E-POS who will divide and prints it via receipt printers, where this or that part of the order it to be executed – be it in the kitchen, the bar, in both places or elsewhere. As a waiter you only need bring the food and beverages to the customer’s table. "Now a days two waiters do the job, that we needed done by three waiters in the old days" says Jane Ye of UMI Sushi.

Avoid mistakes and misunderstandings

You dramatically limit errors and misunderstandings when you do not need a waiter to receive and distribute orders among your staff or for that matter count together the bill. You can even split the payment between people at the table very quick and easy. Furthermore, Nordic Intelligence Catering receives both Credit Cards, MobilePay, cash etc.

Become data-driven and promote yourself through E-Manager

You no longer have to make important decisions based on gut feelings. Get business intelligence on finance, popular products and other KPIs. Use the data and tools that E-Manager provides when collecting positive reviews or when you market your brand and products through coupons, gift and membership cards and our loyalty programs.

With more than 25 features to streamline workflows in your restaurant / café / bar /klub, you welcome the future with Nordic Intelligent Catering from only $ xx per month. Get insight into which units your place(s) will benefit from and what ir will cost you per month.