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Take Away

(E-POS / Online booking)

Allow for customizable online orders on your very own website. Avoid mistakes and misunderstandings when taking orders and settling the bill with the customer.
E-POS handles ordering and payment

At your Take Away restaurant, E-POS will act as a cash register system that gives your staff a complete overview and handles everything related to customer orders and payment.

Online ordering allows for individual customization

The online booking module will intuitively guide the customer through the ordering process. The customer will be able to make selections and deselections right down to the ingredients in the dishes you serve. Need extra bacon in your burger? Don’t want pickles? These are choices easily made by the customer when accessing online booking on your website from a phone or computer.

Work smarter, save time and avoid mistakes

Gone are the old days where you received the order by phone. Now a days the customer orders online without the assistance of anyone at your place. Therefore, there will no errors and misunderstandings on your part. You also save time because the person at the phone no longer need to distribute the order among the staff. A receipt printer prints the order in the kitchen and/or elsewhere the order is executed. Settlement of the bill is also completely automated.

Don't let your customer be tempted by competitors

The online booking module is placed on your own website. You are never just part of an ordering platform where the customer will find you right next to your competitors and could potentially be tempted by their offers. With Nordic Intelligent Catering, it's all about your brand and products.

Great flexibility in terms of payment

Payment is either online by credit card, MobilePay, gift or membership card or by cash when you deliver the food. It's totally up to you.

With more than 25 features to streamline workflows in your restaurant / café / bar /klub, you welcome the future with Nordic Intelligent Catering from only $ xx per month. Get insight into which units your place(s) will benefit from and what ir will cost you per month.